Hack@Brown is all about learning. Spend a weekend with us and 500 other students to take a step out of your comfort zone. Use Hack@Brown as an opportunity to experiment with a new platform, API, or that idea that’s always been in the back of your mind!

Whether you’re building your first website, dabbling in Photoshop, or hacking with an Oculus Rift, Hack@Brown is for individuals of all backgrounds and experiences.

This year, our theme is ‘Recess.’ Get ready to experiment, design, and create.

Get excited to play


Please submit a fun picture of your team, and we'll throw it up on stage if you win! 

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Most Innovative Hack

Echo Dot

Best Hardware Hack

Google Chrome Cast

Best First Time Hacker

Animal Portable Charger

Best Real World Application

Kodak Camera

Best Potential for Social Impact

Water Bottle Speaker

Give People the Power to Build Community and Bring the World Closer Together - Sponsored by Facebook

Oculus Go Headsets

Best Hack Using Spell

$300 Amazon Credit split between team members.

Best Use of MongoDB Stitch

$500 in Amazon credit split between team members.

Best Use of Webflow

Students must use web flow to build a site as part of their project. The website can be either the final project or an element of it.
Students must create an app or website that aims to have a social impact for an existing charity or nonprofit. This can be through supporting the nonprofit's goal, raising funds, recruiting volunteers, etc.
The website must be responsive.

Prizes :
- $600 Visa gift card credit split between team members.
- One year free Lite plan of Webflow
- One year Hosting of the winning site created (should the team decide to finalize their project)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Will be announced soon!

Will be announced soon!

Judging Criteria

  • Will be announced soon!

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